Phonak Company Overview

Phonak was founded in Switzerland in 1947, with the mission to reconnect people to their loved ones and passions. Now in the 21st century, Phonak pledges not to rest until “wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses.” Phonak utilizes feedback from real life situations experienced by hearing aid wearers and hearing professionals as research and development for their hearing aid design and functionality. Phonak’s parent company, Sonova, runs the Hear the World Foundation, which increases access to hearing aids for people in developing countries.

Venture Processing Platform

Venture is the latest sound processing platform from Venture, designed to analyze and balance sounds faster than previous operating systems while using 30% less battery power. Venture utilizes over 200 channels to provide wearers with a seamless listening experience, automatically analyzing and adjusting to sounds as wearers move through different environments.

Venture offers Phonak hearing aids three new features: Speech in Car, which creates a stable listening environment inside a vehicle; Comfort in Echo, which manages reverberation and distortion; and Music, which gives wearers a fuller music listening experience.

Additionally, Venture enhances previous features that have found success in Phonak hearing aids, such as Speech in Loud Noise, which improves speech recognition up to 60% in challenging noise environments; and Comfort in Noise, and Calm, which balances speech and noise in quieter environments. The UltraZoom feature gives wearers the flexibility to focus on sounds they want to hear, while Speech in 360 helps capture speech while also enabling wearers to localize themselves within any environment.

Lyric: The World’s First 24/7 Hearing Aid

One of Phonak’s greatest innovations is the world’s first 100% invisible, 24/7, showerproof hearing aid: the Lyric.

The Lyric is worn deep in the ear canal, and must be inserted by a hearing specialist. Due to its placement, the Lyric does not need to be removed for daily activities such as exercising, sleeping, and showering. It is powered by a long-lasting battery, with a charge for up to four months. Wearers need not worry about battery replacement; they simply return to their hearing specialist for the Lyric to be removed and replaced with a fully charged model.

The Lyric’s power lies in its collaboration with the ear’s natural anatomy, picking up sound from the outer ear and amplifying it near the eardrum. The Lyric has excellent feedback cancellation and noise reduction features. Its convenience and invisibility gives wearers a sense of freedom and discretion, while still experiencing excellent sound quality.

Sky Q Hearing Aids

To address the hearing needs of children and teens, Phonak offers SkyQ. SkyQ is a line of hearing aids designed specifically for young people and accommodate their active lifestyles. SkyQ is water and dust resistant, with tamperproof battery doors. Worn in the behind-the-ear style, SkyQ accommodates growth spurts. Additionally, SkyQ is compatible with Phonak’s Roger wireless microphone system, which feeds amplified sound directly to the hearing aids. These are recommended for academic settings. SkyQ hearing aids provide young wearers with improved speech recognition and listening comfort, as well as the option to stream phone calls through DuoPhone.

Styles and Features

Phonak’s Venture platform is available in three hearing aid models: Audeo V, Bolero V, and Virto V. The Audeo V is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, the Bolero Vo is a behind-the-ear hearing aid, and the Virto V is a customizable in-the-ear/in-the-canal/completely-in-canal/invisible-in-canal model. Each model is also available with a tinnitus noise generator feature.

These three hearing aids are available in a range of technology levels to treat degrees of hearing loss from mild to profound. Technology levels available are Essential (V30), Standard (V50), Advanced (V70), and Premium (V90). For wearers with higher levels of hearing loss, the NaidaQ hearing aid treats severe to profound degrees.

Phonak also offers a hearing aid for single-sided deafness, the CROS II. CROSII consists of two devices that share and balance audio information from both ears, giving the wearer the experience of natural binaural hearing. A microphone is placed in the ear with hearing loss, while the other ear holds the receiver. For those with single-sided deafness, there is no longer a need to reposition oneself to hear a full range of sound.